TV Death Toll: Who on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 7 is in greatest danger?

The seventh season of “Pretty Little Liars” could be the last, and with that comes one very simple-but-interesting notion: There is no longer any holding off from what the show could be planning for the future. Now is the time to go all-in, and try to deliver on some twists that could shock people and shake things up a little bit.

With that in mind, we have to approach the remaining episodes from the vantage point that someone could die. Now that we’ve said that, let’s ask a different question altogether: Who could it be? There are certainly many different candidates, and we are approaching this list looking mostly at the people whose deaths would actually matter. Therefore, we’re not considering someone who has only recurred for a few episodes here and there.

Aria – While there are technically four different female leads with this show, we do think she more than anyone else is the focal point of the show. Therefore, we really don’t see anyone doing away with her in the near future.

Ezra – Given that he is a huge part of Aria’s story, ending the show with him dead would probably be far too depressing.

Spencer – Out of all of the Liars, maybe she is the one we’re most worried about. While we want to see her happy, it wouldn’t be a shock if one of them went — and having something terrible happen could be a way to mobilize the Liars in the final act.

Toby – It’s possible, just in case someone really wanted to stick it further to the Rosewood PD.

Emily – In the wake of so many LGBTQ characters dying over the course of the past year, we cannot see this show following that trend. We’re not sure what Emily’s endgame could be, but she will likely be around for it.

Hanna – The writers are just coming off of almost killing her, so doing that again right now would make almost no sense at all.

Caleb – Could you get rid of Caleb and have the ending of the show work? Sure, but you better give us some more clues about what the end of “Ravenswood” was supposed to be first!

Alison – She was already dead once on the series, and since we do like to think of her as almost a tragic figure at the center of everything, seeing her story end in tragedy once more wouldn’t be worth the journey.

Is there anyone you are particularly worried about as we move along in this possibly-final season? Share below.

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