‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 4, episode 9 review: Vincent, Tess make key decisions

BatB -Through most of “Beauty and the Beast” season 4, we’ve seen one of the big themes being secrets, and what some people may be doing now to change things was a story point Thursday night.

The big reveal came in the closing minutes, as Vincent opted to turn himself in and opt to handle things in a completely different way than previously planned. After all, he had exhausted a lot of other options, and at this point, he realizes that maybe the best way to move forward and try to stop the buyer is from within.

Meanwhile, elsewhere there were other changes in strategy. After trying his best to keep Tess in the dark for the sake of her job, some potential reveals caused her to rethink even being in that position anymore. JT tried to convince her to stay at it, mostly with the thinking that she not try to hide anything. She claims that she’ll think about it … and hopefully she does. This is a character who does need to make some sort of a change professionally, since realistically there’s no way to keep that house of cards standing.

Also, if honesty all across the board could get JT and Tess on the same page, we’re all for it.

Cat is still committed to helping Vincent as much as she can, even if she’s not exactly in the best standing at work and even though there are countless hurdles thrown in front of her. The best thing that the show is doing is keeping the relationship between the two strong, even if nothing else is particularly stable.

Ultimately, we did enjoy this “Beauty and the Beast” episode more so than any other in recent memory, largely because of the fact that there was a lot of drama in here, some changes for key characters, and a teaser for what is coming up. The biggest bummer is that you’re going to have to wait a good two weeks in order to see what is coming up next. Grade: B+.

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