‘The Night Shift’ season 3, episode 10 review: Scott, Jordan kiss, and is Topher getting fired?

The Night ShiftWe are almost at the end of “The Night Shift” season 3 and it has been a fantastic ride, but we still have a few episodes left. Last week we were left with a pretty big cliffhanger when Topher revealed that the hospital is being bought – what is going to happen to everyone? Also, is Shannon going to get herself together and lock down her relationship with Paul before he moves on? Let’s see what tonight’s episode has in store for us. Also, as a special treat for all you Robert Bailey Jr. fans, we have our exclusive interview with him at the link here!

Drew is doing everything he can to help get Brianna a new set of lungs and she’s even been pushed up on the donor list which is good news, but we can see that she’s losing hope. Luckily Drew isn’t and neither is anyone else. When TC and Paul are on the field they come across a young man who isn’t going to make it and might is a match for Brianna. The issue is that they don’t know if his parents are going to donate his organs and after a very emotional talk with his mom, she doesn’t want to donate. Fortunately for Brianna, it’s not his mother’s choice because he signed his donor card. Is this Brianna’s angel? Turns out that it’s not a perfect match and everyone’s heart is broken into a million pieces. What we loved to hear was Drew ask to adopt Brianna and we have to say we cheered when she hugged him.

The hospital is possibly getting sold, but Topher is trying to get the county to take over the hospital instead and save everyone’s job. After hearing about the hospital takeover from TC, Jessica comes in to help Topher find some budget cuts so that the county can swoop in and save the day. Not only that but Jessica tells Topher that there’s a headhunter chasing him down and that he should call him. We of course want Topher to have a higher paying job, but we would hate to lose him from the team. Topher decides that he’s not leaving the hospital, but Jessica reveals that the hospital has already been bought. How does she know this? She’s been hired by the buyer (before looking through all of the hospital’s accounting) and knows that Topher is going to be the first person fired! TC finds out that Jessica betrayed Topher, TC and the hospital, so that’s the end of their relationship.

Jocelyn is trying to spend more time with Kenny, but now that she’s making more time for him and trying to plan ahead for them to do things together, Kenny is becoming more distant. Jordan suggests that Kenny just be honest with her instead of dragging this out, but he’s afraid it will go badly and it will make work awkward. Probably not anymore awkward then Jocelyn becoming resentful for Kenny dragging it out! Jocelyn ends up breaking things off with Kenny, saying that she’s gotten back together with Ray.

Also, we can’t end this review without talking about that Jordan and Scott kiss!!! We love TC and Jordan together, but the chemistry between that Scott and Jordan kiss is SHAZAM! So is this going anywhere? Seems like it’s a one time thing, but we bet both of them will be thinking about each other.

This was a particularly emotional episode for us tonight, because we have become so heavily invested in Drew and Brianna’s story that all we want to see is Brianna get better and Drew and Rick adopt her. This is such a beautiful relationship and one that we want to see continue. Drew has such a heavy career that having someone like Brianna in his life helps balance it out. Also, if we lose Topher be prepared for us to riot. Episode grade: A-

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