‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ season 11, episode 6 review: Did Kelly Dodd, Shannon Beador make up?

Kelly DoddThe last episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” was one of the craziest episode we’ve seen from the show in a long while, and after last season being all about Brooks we were happy to see them going in a different direction. Let’s talk about that Kelly Dodd, Shannon Beador fight that happened: There were some pretty serious things said in this fight, things that one cannot take back, so is there any hope for these two? Friendship might be off the table (at least for now), but are they going to be able to get along well enough for the rest of the season?

Everyone’s talking about what happened at the party – David’s upset with how angry he got, Shannon’s appreciative that he stood up for her, Vicki now has a problem with David, and Kelly is still convinced that Jaci and Nina were a set up from Shannon to humiliate her. So was it a set up? Meghan reveals that she saw Shannon pull Jaci and Nina into the other room right before everything went down with Kelly and she is also thinking that it might be a set up. Tamra agrees that there’s more to it all, but Heather hasn’t weighed in on it yet.

Kelly cleared up the “cheating” allegation that Shannon made at her party, saying that she and her husband were separated at one point and during that time she was engaged to someone else and everyone knew. She later tells her mother what happened at the party and she suggests to Kelly that she be the bigger person and give Shannon a chance.

Kelly calls Shannon to set up a talk, but it doesn’t go very well. Instead of explaining where she was coming from, Kelly starts asking Shannon questions about her relationship with Jaci, how well she knows her, and do they talk a lot, so Shannon starts to feel defensive. Kelly still feels that she was set up, but Shannon denies bringing Jaci to the party to stir things up. Things get heated when they start slinging insults and Shannon confronts Kelly about saying that David should’ve had an affair on her. Kelly apologizes, but Shannon doesn’t find it to be sincere so we expect that the hatchet hasn’t been buried so to speak.

Kelly Dodd has really been a firecracker this season and a much welcomed addition to the show. There has been a lot more drama so far and it hasn’t been only focused on on topic which is a nice change. Also, we’ve said this before, but it merits saying again – we love that Tamra is setting a new bar for women in the OC focusing on fitness and muscles instead of just being thin. It’s a great trend that we hope to see embraced because health and fitness is important to everyone at every age. Episode grade: B-

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