‘Devious Maids’ season 4, episode 10 (finale) review: Who killed Peri Westmore?

We can hardly believe that “Devious Maids” season 4 is at an end, but here we are! Is Spence going to get out of jail, legally and not through Kill Face’s secret tunnel? Will Evelyn and Adrian get back together? And the worst dangling thread right now is what’s going to happen in that room with Hugh, and Daniella?

Evelyn pushes forward with the divorce and Adrian gives her everything she wants throwing her for a loop. She asks him what turned him around to the divorce and he reveals that he is engaged to Gail. They are having an engagement party and after inviting Evelyn to attend, she realizes that Adrian is trying to make her so jealous that she will break up their engagement. Who is going to win this game of chicken? Evelyn convinces Gail to turn the engagement party into a surprise wedding. Adrian informs Evelyn that they can’t get married because the divorce isn’t official, but Evelyn tells him that they can sign the papers right away. Evelyn and Adrian both sign the divorce papers thinking the other person was going to crack, instead it ignites a fire in them and they end up sleeping together. So are Evelyn and Adrian going to rip up the divorce papers?

Carmen learns what Hugh has done and tries to warn Daniella not to drink anything around him. When Hugh offers her a drink she switches the drinks and once he’s drugged she calls Carmen and Rosie for help. They tie him up and force him to admit to what he did to Peri. He admits everything and says that the circle has been blackmailing him for years. He reveals that Peri saw him assaulting another woman the night Peri was murdered and that she was going to tell everyone what Hugh was doing, but he says that he didn’t kill her, eluding to a female killer before having a heart attack.

Rosie finds out that Spence has escaped from prison (with Kill Face) and he might have murder on his mind as he and Kill Face are headed to Hugh’s house… but before they get there, they stop at Kyle’s house since they know it’s empty. Zoila is helping to hide Spence, but when Fiona sees Spence next door she wants to call the police. Zoila quits (and later starts working for Genevieve again), and runs to Kyle’s house to tell them to run, but in a struggle, Spence gets shot. He’s going to survive, all charges have been dropped and Rosie is pregnant… but she decides not to tell Spence about him not being Tucker’s father.

An envelope addressed to Zoila comes to the house, and it’s Peri’s confession!!! They watch the video and she talks about the rape, the baby and that Hugh’s daughter showed up and offered Peri to become a star if she kept quiet so she agreed. So who is Hugh’s daughter? It’s Gail!!!!! Rosie confronts Gail about the murder and that she killed Peri to protect her father. She admits to it and the police come in and arrest her.

Marisol is not over Peter and she comes to his office with flowers to plead her case. Unfortunately it’s not enough and he dismisses her. After Genevieve confronts Peter for running away all those years ago without finding out what really happened, he realizes that maybe he shouldn’t just throw away his relationship with Marisol away. We aren’t sure why there was a connection for Peter between these two incidents since Marisol actually cheated and wasn’t assaulted, but here we are. Peter goes to Marisol and asks her to marry him – and she agrees!

This season had a lot of fun moments and we are sad to see it come to an end – “Devious Maids” seasons are always too short for our tastes. They tied up Peri’s murder nicely, but left just enough loose ends for us to be counting down the days until season 5 airs next summer. There has been no confirmation that there is a season 5, but we are confident that there will be since the summer just wouldn’t be the same without this delicious series. And we can’t be left hanging not knowing what happened to Marisol!!! There was a flash forward at the end of the episode to Marisol and Peter getting married, but before she walked down the aisle, she was taken from her waiting room and blood was found on the window. Episode grade: A-

What a crazy season of “Devious Maids”! Leave a comment in the box below and tell us what you thought of the season and what you hope to see happen in season 5?  We have an exclusive interview with “Devious Maids” actor Owen Harn (Kill Face) at the link here.

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