‘Big Brother 18’ live feed spoilers: What does Paul’s Secret Room power do?

Paul -Remember that talk that Paul was playing a good game on “Big Brother” for several weeks? Well, that’s all starting to go up in smoke right now thanks to one simple thing: How terribly he is handling this new twist in the game.

We wrote earlier that he had discovered the Secret Room in the house thanks to some clues, but what he didn’t quite realize is that this twist was not so much a twist limited to one person. What the room consists of are twelve envelopes, which each one of them continuing a mystery message. You cannot open them until you are sitting outside with Julie Chen, and if your message reads “round trip,” you can go back inside with a chance at the grand prize.

Well, Paul realized that he could tell the other houseguests whatever he wanted, so he tried to pass it off like he got the power and it was done. Well, not so fast! Victor and other players are starting to figure this out, and this is all going to come back on him. He’s gone from being in a pretty easy spot to an easy target, and the man only has a one-in-twelve chance of having the right ticket.

One other thing that this twist does mean is that there are likely going to be two double-evictions this season, given that this is one of the only ways that the numbers are going to work when you look at the sheer number of people left this season.

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