‘The Flash’ season 3 spoilers: Who are the Big Bads?

FlashVillains often make a show great. and as a result of that, you especially want to figure out a way to come up with captivating ones. Through two seasons, we would say that “The Flash” did just yet. We know not everyone loved Zoom, but we personally enjoyed that he was just so psychotic, and really had no limits to what he would do to people and how.

So moving into the third season, the pressure is on to bring some other great ones to the table. Per what executive producer Todd Helbing told the crowd at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, there is one Big Bad who will be a speedster. We’ll have to get more information before we have a firm opinion here, given that doing the same thing every season when it comes to the bad guys can get rather tired. Also, there have to be other ways to challenge Barry Allen, right?

This brings us to Doctor Alchemy, someone who could be the perfect addition to the show given their powers. In the comics, they possess the ability to basically transforms elements and also the constitution of people. He could turn Barry Allen effectively into water if he wanted to, so clearly he possesses a power that makes him incredibly difficult to stop. Tobin Bell, otherwise known as Jigsaw from the “Saw” movies, is set to voice the character. Maybe at some point down the road we’ll learn who is behind the mask similar to Zoom, but that is not altogether clear in the early going.

Could either one of these characters be played by Tom Felton in secret? In course, we wonder that given that we’ve wondered what his ultimate role in the story will be. For now, all we really know is that he is a co-worker / rival of Barry Allen.

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