‘The Night Of’ episode 4 preview: ‘The Art of War’ … and investigation

HBO has long been secretive about “The Night Of,” and understandably so. It’s a show of the utmost quality, and on the occasion that you have that, you want to do what you can in order to keep matters under wraps.

Therefore, at present we can only tell you a few select things about the next installment: The title is “The Art of War,” which certainly makes sense given the show’s depiction of courtroom battle as a battleground. There is strategy component to it, and also a social one since you have to know the right people, and say the right things at effectively the right times.

The one thing that we can say about this episode in advance of the promo is that Box is going to continue to do his slow, methodical work gathering evidence. Beyond his shrewd “subtle beast” status, one of the most interesting things about him as a character is that he has never been fully committed to the notion that Nasir killed Andrea. Maybe he does not often vocalize it, but you can see the doubt in his eyes.

Interestingly enough, having seen the promo that followed tonight’s episode, we were informed of two clear things: Freddy has the power to make Nasir’s life a living hell on prison (or potentially end it outright), and despite being kicked off the case in favor of Alison, John Stone may still have a role. The preview showed him and Box in an intense conversation.

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