‘Big Brother 18’ episode 16 review: Knowledge is power

Bridgette -The end of Sunday night’s episode of “Big Brother 18” was set up almost as a great Shakespearean drama, with James making a big deal with Bridgette and Frank at the Head of Household Competition only to completely break it minutes later. He nominated the two as HoH, realizing that this was the will of the majority of house. He had some pressure put on him, but at the same time, we don’t really think he cares that much.

Why? It’s because this is the guy’s MO! The thing that upsets us the most about this episode is that for whatever reason, there were many a person in the house who seemed to have no recollection that James did the same exact thing to Clay and Shelli at the midway point of last season. He proved that he cannot be trusted, and this was a move he didn’t really even need to make at that point.

This time around, you could argue that winning HoH was an even worse move for James since going into it, he was in a great situation. He should have stepped out and let Bridgette / Da’Vonne deal with each other, since they would just likely target the opposite side of the house, and Victor could have been an easy target to go after if they made an arrangement of safety. Now, he will be public enemy #1 of whoever ends up staying between the two of them depending on what happens at the Veto Ceremony.

Can he fall back into the background a little bit after this week? Probably, but moves like this are not necessarily moves you want to make when you remember that this is a long-term game. The more that James and Natalie are up together in the HoH room, the more that it will be clear that they are a dangerous pair.

Elsewhere tonight, the biggest thing that we learned is that Paul continues to play this game super-hard, and is at times super-annoying. Yet, he does have two people in Paulie and Victor who seem to trust him implicitly, and he could be the most dangerous person in the whole game. Yes, we shudder at the thought, but think about who’s targeting him right now. Grade: B+ for entertainment, probably around a D for strategy.

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