‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Jayna Brown (Louis Tomlinson’s Golden Buzzer), The Clairvoyants, more in Judge Cuts finale

AGT -Tonight, “America’s Got Talent” is giving us the final Judge Cuts show, and in what is rather rare for this show, the guest judge is getting just as much attention as the acts! That’s what happens when you have Louis Tomlinson on the show. The One Direction member of course drew plenty of attention from the ladies in the audience, but here we’re more concerned with whether or not he knows how to be a great judge.

As always with some of these Judge Cuts reviews, we’re going to be updating this article as the night goes on! Stay tuned…

ThroWings – Our first act of the night, these acrobats were just as excellent this time as they were during their first audition. The part with the blindfold was STUNNING, and further proof that the show doesn’t need some huge score behind it for an act to be dramatic.

Campbell Walker Fields – The kid’s only 14 years old, but he has a voice of someone in their early twenties. That’s great! It means he’ll likely mature well vocally. We’re not going to say that he has a ton of range, but his adoption story was powerful and he bears a ton of vulnerability to what he does.

Outlawz – Think of this as yet another vast improvement. Honestly, we didn’t really think going into tonight’s show that we were going to see them in the Judge Cuts based on their first performance. That’s what we like about this show at this point into it; there is some sort of mystery as to who could be moving on!

Jayna Brown – Following a montage of singers, we had Jayna. We started to figure that this was going in the direction of the golden buzzer once we remembered how incredibly talented she is, and also how excited she was to see Louis. Yes, we understand further the whole “why are singers getting all the golden buzzers” argument, but to the naysayers, just remember that you control the vote in the end. This just made for a lovely isolated moment on the show.

John Hetlinger – The problem with his audition this time is that he didn’t have as catchy a song behind him. This literally just felt like an old man screaming.

Nathan Bockstahler – A very funny comic for his age, though we’re not sure if it is really his material or his personality that is selling him at present to the audience.

Viktor Kee – We’ll always root for interesting jugglers, mostly because this is one of the only shows that will celebrate them. Also, there’s just something so interesting and unique about what they do for the most part.

Victoria and Sos – They’re good as quick-change artists, but they still probably needed a few more ways to reinvent their act beyond what we saw here.

Musicality – The thing about “Glee” was that it in many ways spoiled glee clubs for mainstream audiences, mostly because almost none of them out there sound anywhere near that good. This one does! While you can argue that they could have done a more upbeat song, no doubt they’re one of the better acts in this category we’ve seen.

The Baron of the Universe – His act is crazy, and pretty darn horrifying to watch. Yet, the man does things with his nipples that no one else will. We’re not sure this is worthy of a spot in the live shows … but it’s worth something.

D.J. Demers – This has been a rough past few weeks for comedians on the show, at least unless you’re a kid. In that case, you’re pretty much golden (no golden buzzer joke intended).

The Clairvoyants – They concluded the show, and they did so in pretty fantastic fashion with yet another stunning performance that makes you wonder how in the world they did this.

Results Take a look at who is moving on!

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