‘Big Brother 18’ live feed spoilers: Is Frank campaigning to the right people?

Frank -Frank may be irritating to some in the “Big Brother 18” game, but we will at least give him credit for being persuasive. He’s hustled, hustled, and then hustled some more to try and keep Tiffany in the game this week, and even if it doesn’t work, he can’t leave here with any regrets.

The question we really wonder at present is if Frank has spent all of his time trying to preach the Tiffany gospel to the right people. He has really focused hard on Paulie this week for some reason, even though he can’t vote. He figures that Paulie can rally some numbers, and it’s true that he is close to Corey, and in turn, Corey is close to Nicole. Would just focus on the showmance for now and then clue Paulie in more later if he can secure the votes. After all, you’ve got someone in Paul out there who is the ultimate swing vote, and then also James, who has spent so much time with Natalie that you could at least try with him. (Granted, odds are low that he would evict someone from his original season in Da’Vonne.)

Frank did make some good points to Paulie and Corey tonight, namely that Tiffany’s not all that dangerous, and that by and large her personality has been misinterpreted by the other players. He tried to present her “devious” plan to have Nicole hide so that they could catch Da’Vonne being shady as something goofy rather that intimidating on a strategy level. Also, he argued that Day is the glue between many women in the house … which may be true on a perception level. The reality is that neither Zakiyah nor Nicole are all that close to her anymore, but maybe he can present it like they are.

Sure, Paulie and Corey have heard him out tonight, but it is a long week. We don’t really think anything is changing because the guys think they have other paths. Also, they don’t perceive Tiffany as good for their game, even if she is good for Frank’s.

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