‘Zoo’ season 2, episode 5 review: Is Chloe really dead?

Zoo -

We have to admit that there were moments during Tuesday night’s new episode of “Zoo” where we found ourselves terribly distracted, mostly for one reason and one reason only: Chloe, and wondering whether or not her being stuck inside really meant the end of her on the show.

We don’t blame this show per se for making us think there was a chance she’d still be alive. Instead, we blame almost everything else on TV for continuing to make us think that deaths just don’t stick. Unfortunately, this one seemed to, as we had everything from toasts to regrets to future plans over the course of the rest of the episode. Ultimately, the realization just has to be made that this is a world where these things happen; if everyone stopped, many more deaths would likely follow.

Moving past what happened to Chloe, there were also a few other notable events in the episode. Specifically, let’s talk DNA! It is possible that Jackson can be used in order to find a cure to the mutation, which revolves around finding a few animals and working to eliminate that third strand of DNA from the triple helix that caused everything to go awry with him in the first place. We like to call this “turning a negative into a positive.”

As for Jamie, she did her part to come up with a rather innovative plan at the episode’s end, one that involved playing with fire, polar bears, and a school bus. It was weird in a way to go from something poignant and sad like Chloe’s death to something as utterly ridiculous as watching “polar bears” pretend to eat people; yet, it’s kind of why we enjoy this show, especially since we went right from signature “Zoo” cheesiness to another sweet moment as most of the team reunited with her.

“Mixed emotions” is a good way to describe this. It’s sad to see her go, but at least she had a proper send-off that felt grounded in a show that doesn’t always feel that way … provided that she’s not actually still alive hiding under Glenn’s dumpster somewhere. Grade: B.

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