TV Death Toll: Who on ‘Chicago PD’ season 4 are we most worried about?

We’ve come to learn many things about “Chicago PD” over the years, but one of the biggest ones is that it lies within a world where almost anything can happen at any time. That also means losing characters. We’ve seen it happen several times before, and we definitely would not be shocked to see that happen again in season 4.

So going into this season, who is probably in the most danger? It pains us to say it, but it’s hard to argue over the target being on Voight. At the end of last season, he did one of the most violent, dangerous things that we have seen from him since the beginning of the show. After looking at that, you of course do have to wonder just what the long-term repercussions of this could be. We don’t exactly know if he was in tune enough to be watching out for those around him.

At the same time, if there is one thing that could keep Voight alive, it’s that he is such a central character in this story, and one of the reasons it is so compelling is seeing how the darkness moves between him and the rest of Intelligence. These are people sworn to do good, and yet they operate more outside the lines than anyone is comfortable with.

As for some other characters we’re somewhat worried about going into season 4, Ruzek is the kind of guy who frequently puts his life on the line, and given the state of his personal life right now, he may be slightly unhinged. Olinsky’s also someone who can get himself into tricky spots, and we’re constantly worried about Lindsay due to her personal demons.

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