‘Devious Maids’ season 4, episode 8 review: Will Marisol’s betrayal ruin things with Peter?

Devious MaidsLast time on “Devious Maids” Rosie learned that Spence is not Tucker’s real father, but is she going to tell Spence the truth? This kind of information puts Rosie in a real pickle, because if she does tell Spence then his heart will be broken, but if she doesn’t tell him and he finds out she knew… well then his heart is broken in more ways then one. Before we jump into tonight’s review we want to share with you an exclusive interview with “Devious Maids” actor Owen Harn (Kill Face) and you can read that over at the link here. Now, let’s see what unfolds tonight!

Rosie: She tells the ladies that Spence is not Tucker’s father and that’s the secret Peri died for. She also suspects that the real father is the killer, but who is it? Rosie visits Spence and she realizes that the guard is spying on her. Since their marriage was annulled, she proposes marriage to him so they can get a conjugal visit and talk to him in private. Rosie and Spence get married and afterwards they get 30 minutes alone. Rosie wants to tell Spence about Tucker, but after he pours his heart out, she can’t break it with this Tucker news. Rosie confronts Shannon about knowing the truth about Peri’s killer and Shannon comes clean with what really happened. Peri didn’t have an affair, Peri was assaulted by some big time producer in the movie business and Tucker was conceived. Is this person Peter???

Marisol: Now that Marisol and Jesse have ended up in bed together, all the ramifications of that night are starting to come out. She tells Jesse that it was a one time thing and that she wants to figure out where things stand with Peter. When Peter returns, he apologizes to Marisol and tells her that he’s freeing up a lot of his time to make things right with her. She forgives him (doesn’t tell him about Jesse) and tries to move forward. Unfortunately for Marisol, Genevieve finds out that Marisol was sleeping with Jesse behind Peter’s back and takes this information to Peter. He doesn’t want to believe it but when he has a spy watch them together, he tosses the engagement ring he bought her.

Zoila: She may have Kyle, but we saw that Zoila was thinking of Adrian when they were in bed together. Could this friendship, actually be more then a friendship? Seems that Zoila doesn’t want things to progress with Adrian, because when she runs into him at a restaurant she blows him off. Zoila decides to end things with Kyle, but he takes it to mean that he needs to step up his romance game. Zoila goes to Frances and tells her that she wants to break up with Kyle and wants her help to make it happen so Frances can have Kyle back. After a plan involving a small fire, Frances gets Kyle to move home, but Zoila sees how protective they are of the attic and it raises concerns. To make things even more sticky, the real owner of the house Zoila is working for comes home early.

Carmen: With Evelyn back inside the mansion, (and still dating James) we expect the games between her and Adrian to heat up. Adrian learns that Carmen helped Evelyn get back into the house and he fires her. Carmen asks Evelyn to hire her as just her maid saying it will drive Adrian crazy, but he hires Daniella to be his maid. Daniella tells Carmen that she found her father (Lucas), saying that he’s dead and he never knew that he had a daughter. As it turns out, Daniella is hiding that Lucas is alive… but why?

Adrian deciding to dig into James’ past is something we have been hoping to see happen, because this man can’t be as perfect as he seems to be. We have enjoyed Adrian and Evelyn being apart this season (and maybe enjoyed the idea of Adrian and Zoila being together more then most), but ultimately we want to see Adrian and Evelyn back together again. Episode guide: B+

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