TV Death Toll: On ‘Empire’ season 3 and danger galore

The third season of “Empire” will be on the air before long, and there are of course many mysteries that we want to see resolved. The fate of Anika and Rhonda is somewhere near the top of the list.

Of the two, who do we think is more likely to die? It’s hard to answer, since we think that Anika has probably brought more to the table so far when it comes to drama. Yet, at the same time, how much more could she bring? Will anyone trust her? Rhonda has probably had less drama so far, but there could be so much more down the road now that she knows who shoved her. Granted, Anika may not even be alive to fight with any further.

As for who else on the show is in danger moving into season 3, let’s analyze the members of the famous Lyon family.

Jamal – It would be both terribly sad and ironic for the character most invested in eliminating the drama to be the one taken down at the end of the day. Yet, at the same time, that is the sort of thing that does tend to happen in this world.

Hakeem – He does tend to get himself mixed up and in over his head on a regular basis. Therefore, he’s probably the easiest to predict as someone in danger moving forward. Also, he’s a very public figure, and at times may allow himself to be a target.

Andre – Maybe you could say that he goes a little unhinged after the big Rhonda reveal? Otherwise, we think that he is relatively safe moving into season 3, at least compared to his brothers.

Cookie – Let’s be real: Losing Taraji P. Henson from the show would likely send fans into an uproar, and would turn the show on its head. Therefore, it’s almost the sort of thing that would really make you feel like anything could happen … even though this almost surely won’t.

Lucious – Without him, is there “Empire”? He’s the focal point of so much drama that if he dies, we imagine it’ll be in the series finale.

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