‘Power’ season 3, episode 2 preview: ‘It’s Never Over’ brings Ghost to some ‘loose ends’

The third season of “Power” premiered on Starz Sunday night, and with that, we saw Ghost start things off claiming that this side of himself was dead. Instead, he was all about James … or at least Jamie. He was ready to embrace who he wanted to be now.

Unfortunately, here is the problem: It’s not so easy to get out, and it never is. There’s almost always a reason to get back into your old ways, and this is something that could be a theme of the next new episode, which carries with it the title of “It’s Never Over.” Even without sharing anything else, this may be enough to have you shaking in your boots.

If not, we’d like to go ahead and present the attached synopsis via TV Guide:

“Ghost deals with loose ends before tangling with some new nightlife competition; Tommy confronts Tasha, who must learn to coexist with Angela. Later, Tommy finds an advisor in a former lover.”

From a personal standpoint, we know that Angela and Tasha being in the same sphere will be interesting, much in the same awkward way that it would be for any two people in that situation. It’s Jamie’s past and present in many ways colliding, with one of the issues being that the timelines overlap.

As for Jamie, the big temptation for him to become Ghost once again has to do with Lobos. Angela told him at the end of the premiere that this man is still alive, and Jamie knows that he is someone who could want him dead. Will he really trust Angela that Lobos isn’t after him? That will be a key component of what is coming up next, along with whether or not Tommy acts on some of his previous orders.

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