‘The Amazing Race Canada 4’ episode 4 video: Bugging out in Vietnam

Cast -On Tuesday night’s new episode of “The Amazing Race Canada,” there’s going to be chaos, and a lot of it. After all, did you really expect anything else given where we’re going? Ho Chi Mich City is a densely-populated place, and for many Canadians, it is very different than anywhere they have been before.

As if that was not enough, this episode will do some other things to really put the remaining teams out of their element. Take, for example, by forcing them to sing karaoke. Sure, there is nothing inherently disgusting or dangerous about going up on stage and singing, but some people do have stage fright, or a fear that people are going to make fun of them for not singing well on TV. Couple that with nerves commonly associated with completing a task on the Race, and this may be a more difficult task than anyone images.

Also, one thing we’ve always wondered when it comes to the show is how adrenaline ends up impacting focus. After all, sometimes you really do have to slow your brain down in order to concentrate on what lies ahead.

We mentioned the word “disgusting” earlier, and it is for a reason. After all, another key part of Tuesday’s episode will be having to eat some “local cuisine” that is really as gross as possible. Are there some people out there who probably still eat it? Sure, but we can’t imagine this being something the average city dweller dines on daily … especially in the form it’s served to the racers. Everyone will probably freak out over this, but as we’ve said a few times over at this point, the best move is to just grin and bear it. There’ll be time to freak out over it later!

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