‘Hell on Wheels’ series finale preview: The Golden Spike (and its aftermath) in ‘Done’

Hell on Wheels -Sometimes, the simplest of episode titles are the best, and that is what we have looking at the series finale of “Hell on Wheels” airing this coming weekend in “Done.” This could be in reference to so many things. First, it could be referring to the completion of the railroad in Promontory, or the Golden Spike that goes does in American history. Or, it could be referring to the dreams and aspirations of many who poured their whole lives into the project. We’d almost make the comparison to a professional athlete retiring after many years on the job, and they now have to find another way to make ends meet. Some of them won’t be able to. They’ll be “done” with life as they know it.

As expected, AMC isn’t giving much away here. Here’s the synopsis for the hour per TV Guide:

“In the series finale, the golden spike, government hearings and unpredictable actions mean new beginnings and endings for the survivors.”

The promo below is a little bit more revealing, since it shows the Golden Spike followed by characters heading east and Durant potentially facing some consequences for what he’s done. Cullen may be called on to testify, and in an odd way, this could be how he looks back upon his life and everything he gave for this railroad to be completed.

Before we wrap this article up, there’s one thing we should note from a schedule perspective: Per the aforementioned site, this is slated to run at present for 65 minutes including commercials. Plan your schedules and check your DVRs accordingly.

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