TV Death Toll: Who are the ‘Longmire’ season 5 characters we’re concerned about?

When season 4 of “Longmire” left off, it definitely looked as though there were a pair of characters in pretty enormous danger. as Walt and Donna Sue found themselves on the receiving end (presumably) of the barrel of a gun. Hopefully in the opening minutes of season 5 we’ll learn precisely who that is.

For the sake of this article in our TV Death Toll series, we are actually taking a little more of a panoramic viewpoint of season 5 as we do our best to answer what is one key question: Who is the most likely candidate to be killed off? There are a number of different options out there if you survey the field.

Walt – We don’t think he is going anywhere. Without the title character, there’s really no “Longmire.” Get that idea out of your head right now.

Vic – Sure, getting rid of the female lead and one of the most well-known cast members on the show in Katee Sackhoff would qualify as a big “shock” moment … but to what end? Why do that to all of the Walt / Vic ‘shippers out there?

Henry – What we are trying to get at here is that most of the core characters on this show are safe, especially since Craig Johnson utilizes so many of them in his books. Our own concern for Henry in season 5 is that he sometimes does rope himself into situations that are hard to get out of.

Cady – Cady is facing a tough decision thanks to Jacob Nighthorse at the end of season 4, but we don’t think it’s one that could lead to her death. Why would Jacob do away with her even if she decides not to work with him? The sense with that is not quite there, but maybe someone could target her as a way to get to Walt.

The Ferg / Ruby – Maybe they are the main characters in the most danger, mostly just because their demise would be the sort of thing that would be devastating and used as a jumping-off point for other plotlines.

Zachary – We’re not even show Barry Sloane is in this season thanks to other commitments, but if he is, he’d be the most likely contender to go … largely because of said commitments.

In the end, we feel like this is one show in our series that we’re not that concerned about in terms of killing off other characters. After all, just remember for a minute here that we’re only a year removed from what happened to Branch. This should may not be in too big of a rush to go ahead and kill off other characters.

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