TV Death Toll: Will ‘Supergirl’ season 2 put any major characters in danger?

The second season of “Supergirl” will more than likely emphasize change from its very onset. For one, we’re moving networks over to The CW, and to go along with that, we’re going to have a new filming location in Vancouver, some new cast members, and potentially some new adversaries. We’re also going to see Superman for the first time, and hopefully learn a thing or two about whoever / whatever was in that pod.

On a slightly more unfortunate note, change can also come in teh form of death, and the reality with this show is that its in a universe on The CW where people die. Below as a part of our TV Death Toll article series, you can see the five characters we are the most worried about entering this new batch of episodes.

Cat Grant – This one unfortunately just makes sense to us. Calista Flockhart is one of the few performers whose presence could be impacted by a move to Vancouver, and as Kara learns more about how to be an adult on Earth, she may not need her mentor as much as she once did.

Winn Schott – The character is in somewhat of an interesting place now, given that Kara seems to have chosen James, his former love interest Siobhan Smythe has been taken away, and with Kara’s new potential position at CatCo, their working relationship is unclear. Having something happen to him would create a whole lot more urgency.

Eliza Danvers – We cannot see the show getting rid of Alex given that the sibling relationship between the two is a part of what makes “Supergirl” special. However, killing off their mother is something that would certainly be upsetting, but not shake up the cast of regulars much.

Hank Henshaw – We’d be furious if it happened, but we do have to recognize that it’s a possibility given that sooner or later, you may wonder if Kara needs so many mentors.

James Olsen – This is the road the show could take if they want to really send people into an uproar, given that he is probably next to Kara and Hank / J’onn J’onzz the most iconic comic book character on this show.

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