TV Death Toll: On ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 2 and possible causes for concern

LegendsWithin the DC Universe on The CW, death is something that come up often. It happened to Laurel Lance on “Arrow,” Henry Allen on “The Flash,” and over on “Legends of Tomorrow” we (sort of) last Leonard Snart. Granted, there are many ways that this show can get around this, just as they did with Carter Hall in some ways.

It’s with that in mind that it is a little hard to formulate an article in our TV Death Toll series, chronicling the amount of danger surrounding many characters,

Ray Palmer – Probably safe. He was one of the top-billed actors in season 1, though the show has some work to do with the character after they bungled much of his story when it comes to the Kendra relationship. How many fans genuinely though there was chemistry there?

Sara Lance – Completely safe. They’ve already killed her on “Arrow,” so doing so again would feel awfully redundant. We want to imagine that Quentin Lance has at least some sort of glimmer of hope in his life.

Rip Hunter – Minor danger. He’s still a relatively unknown comic character for modern fans, and while parts of his story were interesting in season 1, we hit the “family” note a little too hard.

Heat Wave – We’d say that more so than being in danger of dying, the man otherwise known as Chronos is in jeopardy of being carted off to “The Flash” if Captain Cold is causing some chaos over there.

Jax – Some danger. We hope that he lives, given that with the story of his father, we saw some potential for him to be one of the series’ strongest characters. He just needs more of an opportunity, so here’s to hoping that he gets it.

Professor Stein – Some danger. Hey, they’ve already shown that there are other people who can step into the Firestorm role. Therefore, poor Stein may be in a position where he is easier to lose than some other characters.

Vixen 2.0 – Probably the most danger out of anyone, mostly because A) we haven’t met her and B) she has her work cut out for her making an imprint when so many people wanted the CW Seed version of the character on board.

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