‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Sofie Dossi (Reba McEntire’s Golden Buzzer), Deadly Games shine in Judge Cuts #2

AGT -The second “America’s Got Talent” show for the Judge Cuts is here! That is an exciting proposition, especially when you think for a minute or two about the talent coming up. This season may be a little front-loaded with singers, but there is a deep bench that is going to get a chance to shine in this round with the judges’ Golden Buzzer acts already in the live shows.

Tonight’s guest judge is Reba McEntire, and she’s going to have a Golden Buzzer to boot! We’ll have more on that as the night goes on … and we’ll be reviewing live until we get around to it! We’ll also have a separate results article up later.

Kadie Lynn – We begin with the 12-year old “diamond,” as described by Simon Cowell in the auditions. She is very good regardless of her age, and even if she doesn’t go far in this show, we do think she can use this experience to get better and maybe eventually find a spot on “The Voice.”

Vello Vaher – Without a doubt, what Vello does with his body in between the contortions and the stunts are amazing. Yet, at the same time this still feels like a piece of a much larger act, one in which he can be a featured player in. So we like him for the live shows, but probably not the winner.

Rap montage – Like the first show, this as mostly just a way to breeze through people who weren’t going through.

Skylar Katz – The show really wants to make something Skylar, and we understand it given the personality. However, we try to judge kid acts by whether or not they would be interesting if they were adults in that position. We feel Kadie would still be worthy of putting through; not quite sure with Skylar, who was hard to understand during parts of her rap.

Sofie Dossi – Only on “America’s Got Talent” can you see a teenager do contortionist tricks, dangle in the air using only her head, and also shoot a bow and arrow using only her foot. She is rather incredible as a performer, and kudos to her for finding a new spin on her act. Also, MAJOR congrats for the Golden Buzzer! We love that neither of the guest judges so far, despite being singers, have used it on a singer.

Moya Angela – The biggest issue with this performance, at least for us, is that we’ve heard “Alone” a billion or so times. Yet, she still tried to do as much with it as possible. Kudos for that, and for hitting those big notes at the end!

Montage #2 – Another group of acts you probably won’t see again, which included baton-twirler Cody Carter.

Kadan Bart Rockett – This was a fairly classic misdirect trick, but one played out really well thanks to Kadan putting the focus on the girls coming out of the “magic kit.” It’s of a variety we have seen before, but we’ve always said that a good magician has charisma. Kadan pulls that off remarkably well.

Adam Grabowski – Yeah, we’re bummed about the X given that comedy is so tough on this show, especially when left in the hands of editors. Also, we really enjoyed speaking to him earlier this week. Actually, there’s a part of us that wishes X’s were eliminated after the auditions in general other than the golden buzzer.

Julia Scotti – We still think she is the ultimate “Curb Your Enthusiasm” cast member in the making … and ridiculously funny to boot. One of the best things about her is simply that even when you think about every comedian who has been on the show, she’s unique.

One Voice – Yes, the prom story was cute. The act is good, but is it something you’ll be begging to see again after tonight? We’re not entirely sure about that…

R.L. Bell – Yep, the guy is still showing off the guns! We still think he’s talented, but he needs to tone it down when it comes to making it about the physique.

Steven Brundage – Really entertaining. Also, we never imagined that there were so many different uses for something so simple as a Rubik’s Cube. Steven should go through, and we hope that it’s not an either / or situation with him or Kadan.

The Amazing Sladek – Certainly, bold choices in here! Unfortunately, there could just be too many similar acts this time around.

Deadly Games – They are certainly dangerous, but more than that, they are supremely entertaining. When it comes to style, substance, and action, they may be our favorite knife-throwing act in the history of the series.

Results Click here to check them out!

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