TV Death Toll: Could ‘Power’ season 3 bring trouble for Kanan, Tommy, Angela, anyone else?

There’s some wonderful irony in some of the promotional campaigns going on at present for “Power” season 3. “Ghost Must Die” is a tagline that has been used in many places, and yet at the same exact time he is one of the few people who could be safe. The duality of his life is one of the few constants in a complicated, violent world.

Death has reared its head on this show many times, and there have also been some who have narrowly escaped it. Just look at Kanan or Lobos from the finale, who each looked like goners at one point. We’re going to get literal now and wonder who is actually going to go in season 3. It feels like there are several different possibilities; we only like to name five people in these TV Death Toll articles, and this one is particularly tough!

Angela – Her relationship with Ghost is a focal point on the show, and it’s also a stabilizing presence. Can you imagine where he would be in the event that this went away? It’s the sort of storytelling possibility you wonder if it’s come up among the writers.

Tommy – He and Ghost are now at odds, which in turn makes it feel like it would be pretty darn easy to take him down in a blaze of gunfire. Also, it’d be an emotional loss for Ghost given their history, so we’re worried for him as a result of that.

Kanan – Hey, he almost died once! Ghost really should’ve checked if he had actually killed him. Probably the biggest thing helping Kanan for now is the simple fact that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s an executive producer on the show.

Greg – He’s already lost his job, and there’s not much holding him back from going completely off the rails. In turn, you have to think he could do something crazy.

Tasha – Maybe in order for Jamie to truly realize the dangers of being Ghost, he has to lose someone he never appreciated enough, and someone he truly took for granted courtesy of things with Angela.

Who do you think is in the most danger entering season 3? Share in the comments below!

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