‘Mistresses’ season 4, episode 7 review: Dominic returns, Joss and Harry on the rocks

The last episode of “Mistresses” had a lot of great moments in it and kicked up the spice that this season has sorely been missing. We saw Harry and Joss almost get married after she kicked the you-know-what out of Reza (Jonathan’s nephew), Karen fighting Alec for custody of Vivian, Kate and Scott start (and end) a steamy romance… and then there’s April who pulled the short stick this year when it comes to good storylines.

Joss: Harry learns from Jonathan that Joss “attacked” his nephew Reza completely unprovoked,  saying that Reza is in the hospital. Harry goes home and talks to Joss about the fight in Las Vegas and tells him her side of the story. Harry says that he wishes he knew before Jonathan told him off, and she apologizes for keeping all of this from him. Harry tries to talk to Jonathan about what really happened that night, and Jonathan protects Reza saying that Joss needs to apologize or Reza is going to press charges. If he presses charges, Harry’s restaurant deal with Jonathan will crumble. With Harry scared of Joss going back to jail he asks her to make amends with Reza and Joss says no. In the end Joss decides to apologize to Reza, but he wants her humiliated. She refuses and later tells Harry that it didn’t go well. Harry and Jonathan get Reza to not press charges, but there is still a rift between Harry and Joss since he is going to keep working for Jonathan.

Karen: She is ready to battle Alec for Vivian and she’s enlisted the help of Dominic!!!! Yes he’s back and we couldn’t be happier to see him. At mediation, Alec brings up the fact that Karen called him during her pregnancy to talk about terminating the pregnancy and he’s retained the voice messages and will use them in court if she doesn’t compromise. Vivian is sick, but when the hospital is too busy to take Karen seriously, she turns to Alec for help. After he and his wife were able to help Vivian, Alec admits to Karen that he was resentful about sharing his wife with Karen before her death. They reach a decision to work together to co parent amicably.

April: When a condom drops out of Lucy’s coat pocket, April wants to rage all over her, but instead Marc suggests to have a dinner with Lucy and her boyfriend to find out what’s really going on. At dinner Marc is asking a lot of strange questions that don’t seem to get many answers as to if they are intimate. Later April decides to just ask Lucy, saying she found a condom on her and Lucy says that they gave them out in health class and she’s not sleeping with anyone. There is one other problem that April is going to have to face and that is Sophia trying to get Marc back and it looks like they might have kissed… but did they? That’s not the only cliffhanger that April has. She got a call about a car crash at the end of the episode and it looks like Lucy may have been involved!

Kate: Now that Kate knows about Scott and Joss, she’s pumping Joss for information about him (learning about his shoe fetish). Kate confides in April about Scott, saying that she thinks breaking things off with him was a mistake. She goes to Scott’s office as a “patient” getting a chance to be alone with him wearing her best pair of heels. Scott says that he will agree to see where things go with her if Harry and Joss give them their blessing, so she heads out to make it happen. She ends up lying to Scott saying that she got their blessing… something that will definitely come to bite her in the you-know-what later on. We had high hopes for the Kate character early on, but she’s really come across as desperate in this episode. It’s making it feel like Scott isn’t really that special to her and that she just can’t be alone making it hard to root for her.

We loved seeing Dominic back on the show and he’s a married man now!! It sucked that we lost him just because we lost Savi, so seeing him come back is great and we hope that there’s a way to bring him back into the mix long term, maybe a bromance with Harry and Marc? It has taken a while for this season to get going, but things were definitely popping tonight. Episode grade: B

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