‘Big Brother 18’ episode 9 review: CBS airs Da’Vonne – Frank incidents

Da'Vonne -Through the past few days, there has been plenty of uproar online about “Big Brother” and Frank’s comments / actions towards Da’Vonne and the other women. Specifically, he’s been crass, offensive, and mean. Playful insults are one thing, but he crossed that line many times. To make matters worse, he slapped Da’Vonne on the rear end. His explanation for it was that it’s something that he does at home with his family all the time. Maybe that’s true, but doing it to someone he’s known for a few weeks shows a complete lack of self-awareness. Also, all of this amounts to sexual harassment.

Probably one of the big reasons for the internet uproar was the feeling that CBS would gloss over it and “protect Frank,” given all the commentary on them “rigging” the game for him dating back to “Big Brother 14.” We’ve always been against those claims. What does CBS care about more: Their integrity, or keeping someone on a reality show? He just got lucky with some twists last time.

Tonight, we gotta give kudos to the show for airing the full segment, as it was important for two separate reasons. For one, it was a huge part of the story, as it further unified most of the house against Frank. Also, it exposes that sort of behavior by some fratty guys out there and that it’s not okay. After this, it’s hard for anyone to say that Frank is getting the Golden Boy edit anymore. Great job, CBS. It’s probably one of the more honest edits they’ve given all season.

We know that we’ve put a heavy focus on this one incident in this review, but otherwise this was a pretty boring episode. Bridgette nominated Tiffany and Paul, and Frank used his BB Roadkill Competition win to put Bronte up there, as well. Otherwise, we got to see Bridgette’s HoH room (a first for the season), and there was a showmance storyline that made mountains out of molehills.

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