‘Big Brother 18’ live feed spoilers: The week 3 BB Roadkill winner is…

Big Brother -Well, this is about to get awkward for many “Big Brother” fans. As a matter of fact, stop reading now if you don’t want to become frustrated by what lies ahead.

Still with us? Then go below the jump with the reveal as to who won the BB Roadkill competition this week.

It’s Frank. While he’s not Head of Household, he basically controls that thanks to Bridgette being in power. He’s safe from being put on the block as a replacement nominee, and he now gets to nominate a third person. This could make things a little more interesting, since he can basically stack the deck with people he wants to try and ensure that Tiffany goes home.

Will that work? Well, that’s a little bit compounded by the circumstances at present. Depending on if the other players want to make Frank angry, they can go ahead and evict someone else and keep her around to go after him. Granted, if this happens, it basically tips their hand that they are all working against him, and they have to rely on Frank losing competitions the right of the way.

Frank has already told both Nicole and Corey he won it, thinking that they both are still working with him. They’re not. Therefore, it’s possible this spreads around the house completely. The one thing that these people can hope for is that nobody spills the beans out of fear of being nominated. If they do, it could be dangerous for someone like Corey (who Bridgette is interested in using as a renom in the first place) or even Da’Vonne, especially given the controversy last night. Frank was completely in the wrong slapping her rear end, but this is “Big Brother.” Sometimes the people in the wrong win.

Update: Per a talk with James and Michelle (who just learned), Frank plans to nominate Bronte.

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