‘Big Brother 18’ live feed spoilers: The 8 Pack becomes a 0 Pack

Big Brother -For those who have felt that the “Big Brother” live feeds have been a little lifeless (and we’ve been there with you), Tuesday afternoon / evening has proven to flip that script. Today has been nuts, mostly thanks to Frank’s actions the past 24 hours or so, coupled with Da’Vonne’s conversations with Tiffany, have led to pure craziness and a he-said / she-said war like no other.

One of the craziest things that has come as a result of sifting through the chaos of the house is Frank telling Paulie about the existence of the 8 Pack, while at the same time the entire alliance falls apart. While Da’Vonne still has a plan to try to get Frank out, the problem is that we’re not sure most of the Fatal Five is on board with it. Michelle in particular seems skeptical, and Da’Vonne’s past comments and half-truths are coming back to bite her.

While we don’t think the vote is changing this week, this is all the best thing that could happen for Victor, who wasn’t really a part of any of this. If Frank finds out how badly Tiffany / Day want him out, it’s certainly possible he tries to do something. Granted, what makes this even more complicated is that there is almost no trust between Tiffany and Day already thanks to this season, especially since Tiffany already got upset over Da’Vonne “keeping things” from her regarding Frank targeting her. This is all a mess, and if we were the newbies, we’d consider leaving Day, Tiffany, and Frank all on an island somewhere.

Basically, we predict the rest of tonight will be about rallying allies, and all of a sudden, most of the returning players are not looking like serious threats to win. Nicole’s the only one in a halfway decent position among them, at least in terms of people with a shot at winning. James is clear from the drama, but he’s not exactly doing anything other than pranking people.

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