‘Royal Pains’ series finale preview: Prepare to say goodbye

It’s been eight seasons of fun, compelling, and at times dramatic television on “Royal Pains,” but the reality is that come tomorrow night on USA, it all ends. The series finale is entitled “Uninterrupted,” and after spending many years in the Hamptons, our characters are going to have to make some big decisions.

For Evan and Paige, pictured above, they have some time to celebrate the big reveal that came at the end of the musical episode: Paige’s finally pregnant! This is great news, but there is one more curveball coming the couple’s way that they are going to have to think about while determining what they want the rest of their lives to look like.

As for Hank, let’s just say that decisions in general are going to be a theme of the episode, and he’s going to make many of them. You may be surprised by some of his choices … and that’s really all we want to say on that for now. We’ll have a full review up after the finale, but in general, be prepared for the show to really put a lot of its focus on these two brothers. They are the core of the series and have been since the beginning, and there is a concentrated effort to show the growth that they have made since the very beginning and how they are in control of whatever their future may be.

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