‘Big Brother 18’ live feed spoilers: Da’Vonne and Zakiyah plot a big move

Zakiyah -We’ve been fairly critical of the lack of great strategic insight on “Big Brother 18” so far, but we gotta say: If Da’Vonne and Zakiyah manage to pull off what they are plotting, it will easily be the best thing we’ve seen so far this season. Heck, it could be one of the craftier moves that we’ve seen over the past couple of seasons.

Here is what they were plotting this afternoon: Try to make sure that Nicole’s team wins Head of Household on this coming week, and that Corey wins it. From there, manipulate him to nominate people like Bronte and Bridgette, and then use the Fatal Five (Tiffany’s gotta be with them for this) to try to win to Road Kill. Then, use the winner of this to eventually backdoor Frank down the line, and have the entire Final Five be among the voters who will send him packing. It eliminates some of the risk.

This is a plan that is so complicated, it’d be amazing if it works. However, it’s extremely high-risk, since if someone like Michelle goes and tells Frank, it’s all over, and since he’s great in competitions he could easily win Head of Household and get people like Day and Tiffany in danger.

As for whether or not getting rid of Frank is something they really need to do right now, that’s a good question because he’s not really going after anyone other than Tiffany at present, and he was even planning to take Zakiyah far. The problem here is that they need Tiffany’s vote to help make this happen, so it could be causing them to go forward with this move earlier than they would otherwise.

We’ll see what happens here, but we’ll continue to insist that Frank not going ahead and trying to take out Tiffany while she’s on the block now could come back to bite him. Sure, he may not have the votes, but why would you want to leave someone in the game who you know is coming after you?

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