‘Mistresses’ season 4, episode 6 review: Does Alec want Karen back and is Harry, Joss married?

Who was it that Karen saw in her office that shocked her so much on the last episode of “Mistresses”? We have been waiting all week to see who it was and it will finally be revealed tonight.

Karen: So who is the mystery guest? It’s Alec! He’s very loving towards her, saying he misses her and apologizes to her. Is he back to romance her or is this about the job he just got at UCLA? At dinner Alec tells Karen that he wants to be in Vivian’s life… and then introduces her to his new wife, Faith! She immediately rubs Karen the wrong way as she jumps in with her mothering/pediatrician tips and Alec is being quite demanding as well. After learning about Robert, Alec decides to sue Karen for full custody and supervised visits. Alec seems to be shaming Karen for her book, her lifestyle choices and a lot of things that he was also involved with. Karen is not going to take this sitting down and is going to fight for Vivian.

April: Lucy doesn’t understand why she has to go to church anymore and wants April to release a little bit of control. Lucy asks Marc to help talk to April and he agrees. After their talk, April thinks about what he said and wants to give Lucy some more space. Aprils story this season needs a hug… seriously dull.

Joss: Harry’s investor plans a trip for him and Joss to go to Las Vegas. On the trip, Joss suggests that they get married since there are chapels everywhere and Harry says yes! Is this really going to be the big wedding we’ve been waiting for? After a situation with one of Harry’s investors goes bad (like really bad… Joss kicks the you-know-what out of him after seeing him rough handling his girlfriend) getting married to Harry is off the table for the trip. She doesn’t tell him what happened, and instead tells him she wants her friends there for the wedding. He buys the story and the big Joss and Harry wedding we’ve been waiting for may still happen.

Kate: She decides to go out with the married taco guy and she goes to bed with him too, so now she’s ready to mate for life. So who is this married man? It’s Scott, Joss’ ex-fiance! He tells Kate that he rushed into his marriage and is really unhappy. When he realizes that Kate knows Harry (after seeing picture of her at the house), he bolts. Kate decides to chase Scott down and ask why he left so suddenly and he tells her all about the Joss situation. Scott says it’s too messy a situation and ends things with Kate, which is too bad because this was a delicious storyline.

We have been waiting all season for an episode like this where there is surprise after surprise. It was like the doors to guilty pleasure heaven opened up and we got all the juicy storylines we have been aching for all at once. If the rest of the season is like tonight’s episode then we will be happy campers. Episode grade: A

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