‘Shark Tank’ revisited: Nohbo, Clean Sleep, Sworkit, Tutublue, and Signal Vault

Shark Tank -Tonight, “Shark Tank” will of course continue to be in repeats, as it will be for the entirety of the summer; but, we’re still going to be here to break things down in our Revisited series! What remains especially interesting about the episode airing in a few hours is that it features products that we really have not thought much about since the episode last aired. Therefore, there’s an opportunity to for us to really dive in and see how some of these companies are doing since the show. (Here’s a hint: A couple of them don’t have much movement.)

Sworkit – According to the website 14 million people have downloaded the app, and that’s very impressive! However, it’s really tough to adequately gauge the success of something like this, given that apps are not always the most transparent when it comes to success. Still, we think their technology is in the right place, and if you really want to monitor your workouts, we see the merit in something like this.

Clean Sleep – In the four-plus months since the show they’ve made it even clearer online precisely what it is that they do, and that is clean mattresses. However, they have not exactly maintained much of a presence from the consumer outreach side of things, given that they have not used either their Facebook or their Twitter accounts in over a couple of months as of this writing. They didn’t get a deal in the Tank, and that’s not really a sign that things are going great.

Tutublue – They didn’t get a deal in the Tank, but one thing that we think they’ve done an especially good job at doing since the show is market even more to surfers as a consumer base. Sure, they technically label this as a “beach suit,” but one of the real selling points here is the SPF 50 protection. Since sometimes even waterproof sunblock fails to work that well, this is a solid alternative. They’re at least continuing to try and reach as many people as possible.

Nohbo – It’s funny how we remember going into this episode the first time, we didn’t really think too much of the idea of an eco-friendly shampoo ball. What a difference seeing the show, plus a few months of simmering over it, makes! We still don’t see this company being a billion-dollar player, but in expanding out to different varieties (they are working now on a conditioner), we’re getting a sign that they have everything in the right place for growth. They also have the support of one Mark Cuban.

Signal Vault – They’re featured in the update tonight, and as far as credit card protection goes, they’re one of the best players in the business. It’s a simple product, but it has sold well and proven itself since the Tank to be a huge success story.

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