‘Silicon Valley’ season 4 wishlist: A new structure, relationships, and other changes

“Silicon Valley” is over for the season, and unless HBO decides to do something drastic when it comes to the future of the show, it won’t be back until next year. That gives the writers a lot of time to prepare some future stories, and for us, it leaves a lot of time to speculate what could be coming up next.

What we’ve got for you below are not spoilers, so don’t worry about that; instead, this is just our personal wish list of some specific story elements we’d like to see play out over the course of the episodes ahead.

Some sort of relationship arc – Nobody wants “Silicon Valley” to be a show about ‘shipping. With that being said, there is a lot of unexplored territory when it comes to this show and the comedy that could come out of people being bad / incredibly insecure in relationships. We know Dinesh wants one, so why not have that happen? Or, what would Erlich look like in love with someone not himself? There’s some comedy to be mined here, as long as it’s not Richard and Monica. That feels just a tad too predictable at present.

Big Head as boss – He and Erlich now own Pied Piper in another crazy turnaround of leadership, so seeing what they do in charge could be rather fun. Meanwhile, the same goes for potentially Richard working under someone like Dinesh if the video chat application is what actually makes the serious money. He may be the genius behind the tech, but he’s clearly not the best at appealing to the mass market.

More battles with Gavin Belson – “Silicon Valley” is best when there are battles and rivalries; therefore, the more present Gavin and Hooli are as threats, the better off the show will be in the end.

More Russ – We don’t care how it happens; just have it happen. One time cameo during this past season is not enough!

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