‘Big Brother 18’ live review: The BattleBack twist, and was Jozea Flores be evicted — for good?

Jozea -There’s a lot to get to tonight on “Big Brother 18,” and like we do for much of the season, we’re going to be reviewing this one live as the night goes on!

Let’s start with the breaking news from the start of the hour: We could have a zombie Jozea coming back into the house someday! While this guy may not be the sort of person you want to root for, let’s make it clear: He’s been incredible unintentional comedy for the past eight days. Getting him back, even if he goes right back out again (which is insanely likely), will be fun. After all, there was about a 0.0000001% chance going into tonight’s show that he would stick around past this show. Those odds may even be too high, all things considered.

Fatal Five organization – If you haven’t heard, Michelle, Nicole, Zakiyah, Da’Vonne, and Tiffany have what we consider to be the dominant alliance in the game at the moment. Tonight was the first mention of it on the show.

Arguments – Look, the show is actually trying to sell us on the idea of someone other than Jozea going home? First, they showed Bridgette being sneaky, and then there was a fight about Victor being difficult and Paul getting upset about all of the “girl talk” in the house.

The eviction – This one was easy to predict. Despite the show trying to create some drama, it was ultimately a 7-4 vote with Jozea going home. His reaction is what we were really waiting to see. The biggest disappointment to us was mostly just that Jozea was far more calm than we thought he would be. The same goes for everyone else. Letdown.

The twist – Apparently, with the BattleBack twist the show is doing its own version of Redemption Island where the evicted houseguests will battle, and eventually one of them will be able to make it back into the house after the first five eviction.

Head of Household competition – It’s a team challenge revolving around collecting berries, which is really unfair in a way since it is easy for someone like James to just go in there and sabotage his whole team.

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