‘MasterChef’ exclusive: Brittany Craig on elimination, cooking for the judges, and her dream challenge

This week’s “MasterChef” episode brought pie, Mexican cuisine, and the return of reigning champion Claudia Sandoval. Unfortunately, it also didn’t take any time off from eliminations, as Brittany Craig received some rather terrible news: According to the judges, her strawberry – rhubarb pie didn’t taste as great as it looked.

Brittany was sent home Wednesday night, but we had a chance of kicking off what will be a series of email exit interviews this season (look for them weekly in the days that follow each new episode at this link) by asking about her exit, being in the kitchen, and what she is planning to do next.

CarterMatt – Throughout the elimination challenge, how were you feeling as your pie was coming together? Did you think you could be in danger?

Brittany Craig – I was feeling really confident as my pie was coming together. I had seen this pie made a bunch of times in my gram’s kitchen, it was looking pretty similar. I was happy, but when Gordon lifted up the dish, I knew my fate was sealed.

In general, what was the environment like cooking in the MasterChef kitchen? Is it intimidating, inspiring, or a little bit of both?

Cooking in the MasterChef kitchen is definitely a little bit of both. It’s really nerve-racking cooking with a time limit, especially for such amazing judges. It gives me so much validation to have said I was there. Not everyone gets to say Gordon Ramsey ate their food. It was a great honor.

What’s the experience been like watching the show back in general?

I love watching the episodes. When you’re cooking within the competition you don’t get to see what everyone else is getting into so watching the show on TV allows you to experience it in a completely different way. It’s really fun.

What would’ve been your dream challenge to have taken part in?

I wish they would have had a fresh pasta challenge. I would have done amazingly in that. I could have channeled my grandfather and really impressed the judges.

Do you think that there was anything that you could’ve said to get a spoon of safety from Tanorria?

Absolutely not. Tanorria knew who she was going to give a spoon to as soon as she was given that power. I wasn’t on that list.  It’s OK though. At the end of the day this is a competition. I definitely respect the hustle.

What are up to now, and how are you planning to use what you learned on the show in life?

Well right now I’m serving but I’m planning on bringing my culinary knowledge to my community. I want to start teaching young adults and kids, well, people in general, how to cook. I think the experience and knowledge I have and have gained from this competition will really help me accomplish that. Plus, this is my love and it’s so easy to share what you love.

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