‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ season 11, episode 3 review: Vicki and Tamra talk Brooks situation

Real Housewives of Orange CountyKelly Dodd has made some strong first impressions on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” in the first two episodes. She has befriended Vicki and also stood up for her to the other ladies and while there hasn’t been any real fighting just yet with her, she’s certainly made her presence known. Can she continue this balancing act without falling into the pit?

At lunch, Kelly tries to defend Vicki once again, saying that she was also duped by Brooks and that it’s hard to see the whole picture when blinded by love. The ladies aren’t really biting, but Kelly explains that she’s deeply loved the wrong person in the past and knows what Vicki is facing. Kelly throws a beach party for all of the ladies and that includes Vicki. Heather has decided to take the apology Vicki gave her at the boat party and move forward, but as more of an acquaintance, so their conversation at the beach party was friendly. Shannon and David on the other hand didn’t have much to say to Vicki (and to be fair she didn’t really speak to them either). Is this a rift that can be mended before the season is over?

It was nice to see Vicki and Tamra have a one on one conversation at the party, but a little strange to see Vicki jump straight into blaming Tamra for not being there for her during the Brooks mess. Tamra tells her that if Vicki had come clean about knowing something was fishy with Brooks’ cancer and that she needed support then everyone would’ve been there for her. Vicki is still adamant that she didn’t know that Brooks was lying to her and all Tamra wants is a sincere apology at this point and Vicki gave it to her.  Will the other ladies feel the same way when they sit down with Vicki?

Other housewife family tidbits:  We saw Shannon and David looking to sell their home and have a fresh start (very smart idea!). Vicki’s daughter has moved back to Orange County and is fighting an infection in her leg after a surgery. It was especially emotional to see Meghan trying to do IVF at home by herself, because we can see how important it is to her to have a baby and how hard it is to over come her fear of needles. We were cheering when she finally did it and we one step closer to seeing a little Meghan or Jim running around.

It was a great moment to see Vicki break down her walls and offer Tamra an apology, but more so it was wonderful to see Tamra accept the apology. More then anything we want this Brooks storyline to die in a fire so we can move back into the glamorous, fun, Orange County storylines that we’ve grown to love over the years. It’s time to kick this season up a notch and whoop it up! Episode grade: C+

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