‘Mistresses’ season 4, episode 5 review: Karen’s surprise guest; April’s education

Has “Mistresses” managed to pull its fourth season out of somewhat of a slog? It’s been difficult as of late, mostly because the show has struggled to really create any situation that is that dramatic in comparison to anything that they have done over the course of the series so far.

If nothing else, we can at least say with Monday night’s new episode that they showed a little bit of bravery when it comes to April’s story by having her kissing Michael be all the more complicated thanks to her learning that he was transgender. She interpreted that to mean that she wasn’t actually attracted to him, and that she was somehow acting out of some sort of latent feminine essence to him in a way that was difficult for her to process. In turn, we had a hard time processing how she felt like saying this sort of stuff to him was anything other than insulting. She basically said to him that she would always perceive him as a woman, which is why in turn he threw her out of his home.

It’s true that transgender issues are complicated, and we’re not going to say April is a terrible person because of her reaction; however, this did prove that she holds a certain ignorance in her heart, and needs to be educated further much in the way many Americans do.

As for some other storylines this week.

Joss – She tried to convince Harry that they should work together, he relented, but eventually realized with help that she would get the best version of her out there, even if it wasn’t always 100% genuine in the process. Really, we can’t say that this was the strongest story for her in the world.

Karen – She told off a podcast host who was demeaning her, and rightfully so. However, in the process she lost her representation when she didn’t quite realize that this may not be the best thing to do to another client. Also, she received a rather unwelcome visitor at the end of the episode! Who is it? Well, we’ve got a few possible candidates…

Kate – Well, do we really care about her just yet? We’re mostly just looking forward to the whole self-righteous stuff slowly fading away. Grade: B-.

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