‘Devious Maids’ season 4, episode 5 review: Carmen faces motherhood, Zoila uses Adrian

Devious MaidsNow that Daniella knows that Carmen is her mother on “Devious Maids” will she say in Los Angeles or will she go back home? It’s a lot to take in, so we know there’s going to be a lot of conversations that have to happen to make this better. Also, is anyone else really enjoying this Adrian/Zoila match up? There’s something really delicious about this since both are strong, feisty personalities.

Carmen: Carmen and Josefina are looking everywhere for Daniella, and hen they eventually find her she’s mad at Josefina, not Carmen, for lying to her all her life. With Josefina going back home, Daniella expects Carmen to step up and be the mother she never was. Unfortunately Carmen still doesn’t want to be a mother leaving Daniella disappointed, so she heads home to Josefina to apologize…. but she also plans on finding her real dad even though Carmen wants him left in the past.

Rosie: After Spence’s collapse, the doctor tells him he’s going through drug withdrawal and Rosie suspects that Ben has been drugging him. She thinks that the coffee Ben brought was drugged and that if they can get Ben to deliver another coffee then they can catch him. Rosie goes to Ben and tells him that Spence is starting to talk more about the night of the murder in hopes that he will take the bait and drug Spence again… and it works. Ben brings him coffee, Spence drinks it and Rosie tapes the whole event, but when Spence doesn’t get high they think Ben’s onto them – or at least someone is.

Marisol: Although Evelyn didn’t really want to work for Marisol (or at a job at all for that matter), she is quite good at handling the vendors. Marisol wants to go to the gala she’s staffing, but she can’t oversee the staff and be Peter’s date at the same time, so she asks Evelyn for help.  Because Evelyn knows Adrian will also be at the gala she says no since she doesn’t want to be seen “working” in front of him. Marisol puts her foot down as Evelyn’s boss and tells her she’s working the gala. Evelyn tries to convince Adrian not to go to the gala saying that she is going to the event with a date and he says he won’t attend, but we all know he’s going to. At the gala Evelyn meets a handsome reverend who asks her out on a date and we couldn’t be happier since Evelyn has had a pretty rough go of things since leaving Adrian. As for Marisol, the event gifts her a second shot at success with her film as she is asked to re-write the script for her book and a well known director comes on board the project.

Zoila: Although her date with Adrian Powell wasn’t exactly as she expected, she is using it to her advantage to make Kyle jealous. After finding out that Evelyn is going to a gala with her imaginary date, Adrian asks Zoila to go to the gala with him and she says yes in an attempt to get under Kyle’s skin. Unfortunately it all blows up in her face at the gala when Evelyn reveals to Adrian that he’s dating Genevieve’s maid. Luckily Adrian loves a good scheme and after hearing everything Zoila has been up to he decides to continue to help her make the neighbor jealous and keep her secret. It works and Kyle asks to start seeing Zoila (and she agrees), but he wants her to keep it a secret from his mother (and she agrees to that too).

The highlight of tonight’s “Devious Maids” episode for us was seeing Genevieve’s face when her new (seemingly gay) bestie, Fabian, kissed her on the lips at the end of a night out – totally priceless! The biggest mystery of the season is this “circle” business. Is this some sort of cult that hates rich people? Ben, Fabian and Kyle are all part of this “circle” and it seems that Kyle’s mother, Frances, is the head of it all… but what is their ultimate plan?  Episode grade: B-

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