‘Veep’ season 6: Show boss puts to rest Nevada theory, talks Selina’s future

In the wake of the finale for “Veep” that aired on HBO Sunday night, there are obviously many questions … with one of the biggest ones being whether or not we are really supposed to take anything away from what The Eagle proclaimed about the Nevada votes at the end of the episode. These would have allowed Selina to win the Presidency in the event that she had known about them, provided of course that the information being passed along here was legitimate. (The Eagle’s memory was not exactly astounding by the time we got to the end of the season.)

Ultimately, it turns out that there’s really no sense in debating that one way or another. Speaking to Deadline in a postmortem for the finale, executive producer David Mandel confirmed that we are not going to see Selina suddenly become President again, saying that this comment from Martin Mull’s character was meant to be a joke for fans who enjoyed that character. He laid out more of what the plan for season 6 could be with the following:

“…Selina was a placeholder president who held the job for only a year, and perhaps, in the eyes of many, isn’t perhaps deserving of her round-the-clock Secret Service, of the things that normally go with an ex-president of the United States. These are going to be very hard things for someone like Selina Meyer to hear, and so that’s what gets me very excited, is sort of the new world, the uncharted territory going into next season.”

Is it possible that Selina could find her way back into the Presidency again? It seems unlikely for now, but hey, it’s certainly possible if we flash forward a few years. Her party is not in power, and her real test would just be finding a way to convince others that she is fit to lead the country.

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