‘The Last Ship’ season 3, episode 3 review: All about the blood

Last Ship -

For the third episode of “The Last Ship” this season, we at least started to get a pretty good sense as to some of the troubles awaiting Slattery and company in Vietnam … but we cannot say that we find the knowledge of what is happening to them to be altogether comforting in the slightest.

Instead, what we now know is that they are being tormented by Takehaya, a man who seems to be using his blood for transfusion purposes. Not only that, but he is getting the royal treatment courtesy of iron-rich foods … and then potentially many more transfers. What’s going on here seems to be mostly a case of blood as currency within this world, in between the virus and the mutations of it that are out there. If you have something that nobody else in the region has, then you become in turn extremely popular. By most indications, this seems to be precisely what is going on here.

Overall we’d say that this episode settled in to slightly more of a groove, given that Chandler was not back around his team, and took the time to make quickly some important decisions, including the appointment of Granderson as his XO, a choice brought on in part by some recent disagreements. Chandler’s holding nothing back, and his decisions to go on the front lines and Vietnam proved that.

What we would say we’re seeing right now more so than any other is a version of our characters who are perhaps even more proactive than they have been before. These people have a real sense of what the stakes are in the world, and they are making decisions and acting quickly on them. Chandler realizes the importance of not losing anyone else, especially after what happened to Rachel. Hence, the sense of urgency. While we probably need episodes even more grander in scale than this one for season 3 to ultimately be a success, we’d say that this hour was very much captivating in its own right.

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