‘Game of Thrones’ season 6 finale: Will the Tower of Joy, Lady Stoneheart play a role?

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Before we get around to the “Game of Thrones” finale airing on HBO Sunday night, now certainly feels like the right time to discuss a little bit further the two major mysteries that have been on the lips of fans virtually all season long: The possibility of a Lady Stoneheart appearance, and the Tower of Joy setting that could eventually lead to clues about Jon Snow’s true parentage. There have been rumors about it for years, and the finale could finally give us proof.

Let’s start here with Stoneheart, given that at this point, you could make the case that she is the biggest element of the book series to not make it onto the show. We would be legitimately shocked that this was a kept a secret and it happens tonight, with the primary reason being so much time has passed since Catelyn Stark’s death on the show, and in the books it is Berric Dondarrion who sacrifices himself to bring her back. We just saw a couple of episodes ago that Berric is still alive and with the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Some out there have interpreted the return of the Brotherhood, coupled with the time Jaime Lannister has spent in Riverrun this season, as signs the show is inching closer to a Stoneheart reveal. The biggest reason it makes sense it because someone has to kill Walder Frey, right? The other evidence that may be out there for it is that Oathkeeper is almost Chekhov’s sword at this point. The show specifically reminded us that she has it, and that it originally belonged to Jaime. (Book spoilers ahead.) It is in the books that Brienne’s death comes about because Stoneheart takes this as a sign that she is loyal to the Lannisters. Maybe the other evidence you can offer for Stoneheart is that she is revived by someone other than Berric, and the reason for her disfigured appearance as opposed to Jon Snow is that she had time to decompose somewhat beforehand.

As for the Tower of Joy, we’re much more optimistic here since the show already set it up earlier this season, meaning they have to go back to it eventually. Also, it would give Bran some purpose in the finale; we know he’ll be showing up, but it doesn’t seem like there is enough story movement out there for the big reveal with him to be that he is reuniting with other characters. That seems better suited for maybe season 7 unless he somehow makes it to Winterfell.

We’ll find out the truth one way or another tonight; we just mostly hope that if there is no Stoneheart, this finally puts to rest rumors that we thought were dead until earlier this season.

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