Is ‘Penny Dreadful’ season 3 new tonight on Showtime?

For those of you out there who saw “Penny Dreadful” last week, it felt pretty definitive that the show was ending. After all, the final scenes revolved around the death of Eva Green’s character of Vanessa, and she was one of our major touchstones on the series.

Yet, we get it that there are many fake-outs that can happen on TV, and there may also be some out there who missed the title card reading “the end” that was at the conclusion of the episode. Therefore, consider this the (sad) reminder that last week was in fact the series finale, and there are no more episodes coming. We knew that this was the season finale at the time that it aired, but it was confirmed the next day that the show’s boss John Logan had decided to end the series back many months before it even arrived on TV.

So why was there one fewer episode in season 3 than season 2? Much of the reason for that is tied mostly to Logan’s own story needs. This was never a show with a set episode order, and since it was written in such a different way than most U.S. television, the order is dependent on the story more so than the other way around.

Ultimately, the final thing that we can say before closing the door on the series for good is that we hope to see many of these actors somewhere else on Showtime moving forward, and the same goes for having another project out there from Logan, who is truly a master at what he does.

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