‘Silicon Valley’ season 3 finale debate: Should there be success, or scandal?

Tomorrow night, we come to the conclusion of what has been a very entertaining season of “Silicon Valley.” While we’d personally argue that season 2 was better from a belly-laugh perspective, this one may have created some of the most interesting moral quandaries. Also, it has given its cast the opportunity to have some of their best performances to date. We’ve specifically loved some of what T.J. Miller, Kumail Nanjiani, and Zach Woods have done as of late.

At the center of this show still remembers a structural struggle of how long to leave the main characters as underdogs. Pied Piper has been a startup from the jump, and while we’ve seen it surge, at the same time we’ve seen it sink. Just in this past episode, Woods’ Jared opted to use workers in Asian to give the number of active users a false boost as a means to keep Richard from giving up on the company.

Would it be interesting to see these people really wrestle with success? We’d argue so, since there is no guarantee that they would all handle it will. As a matter of fact, Dinesh and Gilfoyle have already shown that they like to buy stuff, and Erlich’s attempts to work financially with Big Head were a disaster. We suppose that you need to have a journey so that people can become billionaires, but this could be a really fun season 5 story after Pied Piper takes off.

If the show wants to go a different route and create all sorts of chaos in the finale, they can do so by having Jared’s secret get out, which in turn could crumble the company’s reputation. From there, maybe the show morphs into something else. Dinesh has a video-chat app that is picking up steam, so maybe it becomes a little bit more of a focal point in the story.

Where do you want to see the story go in the finale: Towards more success, or potential failure? Let us know in the comments.

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