NBC’s ‘Grimm’ season 6: Do we have a premiere date?

For those of you who are curious about when “Grimm” season 6 is going to be premiering on NBC, trust us when we say that we’re right there with you. There are at least thirteen episodes coming up still this season, and we are tremendously excited to see how the remaining story plays out.

Not only that, but we may have a sense as to when we will get to see the story continue. In a Facebook Live video, star Bitsie Tulloch (Eve / Juliette, who may be one in the same at this point) stated that Friday, October 28 will be the show’s return date. There is not a whole lot of other information out there, so this may just have to be enough to have us excited for now.

Is this the right date for the show? It certainly feels like it could be, given that this is when the show does tend to premiere in October. It also means that if the show just runs straight through the remainder of the year on Fridays, it could be over in early January. Ultimately, it is the airing schedule that could determine more of what NBC’s long-term plans are for the show. If they opt to release episodes every week, especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, it will suggest more that they are just burning through the stories. If they are more patient in how they choose to air them, it may mean that they are looking to keep the show around a while.

Rest assured that we are more than a little intrigued by how this season could press on, and we’ll have some further news all about it as we start to hear more on this end.

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