‘Preacher’ episode 4 review: How to make someone serve

Preacher -Through the first four episodes of “Preacher,” we’ve been able to come up with at least some perceptions on the series starting first and foremost with something rather simple: This is a very entertaining show. It’s got humor, it’s got action, and above all it has a quirky sort of charm that you are not going to find anywhere else.

At the same time, though, it’s also a show that may be slowing things down a little too much in regards to the pacing. The big surprise of the night came in the closing minutes, where Custer was able to turn Quincannon into a believer, though not so much because the latter wanted to be. Instead, it was more a case of him being forced into the situation, something that proved itself to be very entertaining to us, even if it was more than a little morally complicated. We’re sure that some could see him as a miracle worker; yet, others may see his brand of conversion as sorcery.

One thing we do know is that after this, it’s really no shock that folks from Heaven would be rather desperate to free Jesse in some way from what lies within him. Cassidy tried his best to orchestrate a meeting, but that didn’t quite work as planned and there’s only so much that he can do.

Elsewhere in the hour, we did have a thoroughly entertaining subplot in which Tulip’s temper got the better of her after a young woman died in what was apparently a hunting-for-sport operation involving young women and paintball guns. She tried to fancy herself as liberator, only to severely hurt someone she never intended to. She rushed him to the hospital, and let’s just say that while there, she ran into some unintended consequences.

In the end, this “Preacher” did prove to be a very entertaining hour of TV. While we do think the show is lacking a little urgency, we’re not going to deny that it is great comic-book fun. It’s just not at the level right now to consider watching it live over “Game of Thrones.” Grade: B.

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