‘Penny Dreadful’ series finale video: Eva Green, Josh Hartnett react to ending

While we are just finding out this morning that Sunday night’s season finale of “Penny Dreadful” was actually the series finale, this is something that the cast has been aware of for quite some time. As the video below reveals specifically, they knew when filming the end of season 3 that the story was going to be coming to a close.

So what do some of the cast members have to say about this goodbye? In the video below, you can see Eva Green and Josh Hartnett talk first and foremost about the super-dramatic ending to the series, which included Ethan releasing Vanessa from the terrors of this world by allowing her to die. They both realized it was the only way to achieve equilibrium, however painful it was to get to such a point.

The two also discuss specifically how they are going to miss these characters, and how difficult it is to say goodbye to them. Yet, you get a sense (especially from Green) that this was the right way for the story to end, however painful it may be.

Hopefully, we will get a chance to see these two on another series moving forward into the near future. We know that they’ve got the talent to anchor something else, and it really just comes down to them getting the opportunity, which we certainly hope that they do. We’ll have plenty of time to cover that, so for now, let’s just tribute what was a heck of a great show, and a program that brought a lot of drama and intrigue to the table.

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