‘Person of Interest’ series finale spoilers: Show boss on slight alterations to original plan

The fifth season and ultimately the series finale of “Person of Interest” is going to be airing on CBS Tuesday night, and “culmination” certainly seems like the right word to describe is. This episode has the immense challenge of trying to tie together so many storylines, while also staying true to what the original product was.

We remember years ago Jonathan Nolan saying that he had an idea for what the ending would be, and while we’re not entirely sure the finale reflects that, he tells TVLine that they have at least kept many of the same themes and ideas intact for closing the series out:

“You know, it’s a bloodbath. As usual … There have been points along the way where we’ve adapted, changed course, incorporated new things — Shaw was a character that we hadn’t fully conceived of when we started the show — but this is the end that we always talked about, the end that’s indicated in the pilot [when the warning is given that] ‘If we keep doing this, we’re not going to make it.’”

Does that mean we’re going out in a Shakespearean tragedy sort of way where everyone dies? We’re not willing to say that precisely, but we do think that we’re going to at least have everyone’s lives in jeopardy. They’ve all given so much already to the cause of the Machine and of trying to stop Samaritan, so it really wouldn’t be that great of a shock if they were to give their lives in order to continue this cause in some way.

Rest assured that we’ll have some other news on the finale as we get closer to it airing!

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