‘The Night Shift’ season 3, episode 4 review: Kenny’s conflict with a patient gets heated

the night shiftOn the last episode of “The Night Shift” we saw Drew tell his dad that he’s married to Rick and the conversation did not go well. We also saw Topher’s mom say that she’s moving in with him after a heartfelt moment between them, which could really make for some funny moments since she’s over the top! And last but not least, even though we saw a small moment between TC and Jordan, we also saw her and Sam kissing so…. might be a while before we see TC and Jordan together again.

Tonight’s episode focused on the “Black Lives Matter” movement and everyone has opinions on who was in the right and who was in the wrong when a man named Steven (who was on trial for shooting a young black man then gets shot by rioters) is admitted to the hospital.

Steven’s high profile case makes things really intense at the hospital, especially between Kenny and Paul. Kenny gets stopped for speeding and he feels it’s because of the color of his skin, where as Paul thinks it was because he was speeding (even though it was only 5 miles over the speed limit). Kenny gets even more heated when he has to help Steven even though he feels that Steven killed that young black man because he’s a racist. After doing everything they can to help Steven, he leaves the hospital and gets he killed by a rioter.

When a cop and a young black man named Shawn are both shot in the riot, TC makes the choice to take the cop first even though it seems that Shawn’s injuries are worse. When the ambulance can’t make it to Shawn in time, they are able to help stop the bleeding long enough to wait for the helicopter, at least until rioters break into the store the are operating in demanding to talk to Shawn. One of the leaders of the riot helps the helicopter to land and gets Shawn to the hospital and he lives – ironically the cop that got to the hospital first didn’t make it and it turns out that the cop wasn’t shot by Shawn but instead by his own partner by accident.

It was great to see Kenny in the spotlight tonight since he is a character we don’t get to see often enough, but we really love him. He’s fun, handsome and can be seriously intense when it’s something he feels strongly about like tonight’s situation at the hospital. We’ve seen a lot of crime/medical shows focusing on the “Black Lives Matter” movement, but “The Night Shift” did a great job showing us all of the different sides. Episode grade: A-

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