‘Big Brother 18’ cast spotlight: Will Glenn Garcia be actual contender?

Glenn -Will “Big Brother 18” actually have the oldest contestant end up winning? Well, probably not. Glenn Garcia is a character, but we’re not entirely sure that he’s going to be the sort of player who flies other the radar or is astute enough to win the game. Instead, he’ll have fun confessionals, fight with a few people, and he’ll be thought of as the crotchety old New Yorker who is kept just because nobody is worried about him.

Below, we promise to say at least a few nice things about Glenn, who we do like as a person even if he doesn’t necessary seem like he is going to be all that good of a player.

Facts to know – At 50, he is the oldest player by far this season. Other than Tiffany, the rest of the other newbies are in their twenties! He’s got a fiancee and a child, and he apparently as a history of crying since he cares so much about his kid.

Show history – He doesn’t really talk a whole lot about his viewing history in the Big Jeff interview below, but at the same exact time, we do think he’s probably seen at least a decent amount of the show over the years. He understands the importance of playing the game hard, and it seems like he wouldn’t be here were it not for the money.

Past houseguest comparison – He’s Enzo from season 12 mixed with maybe a little bit of Billy Garcia from “Survivor.” he’s got a great sense of humor, and he’s someone, at least in this setting, that you want to talk to since he’s passionate! He’s been through life, and has a million times more wisdom than some of these other schmucks.

Clear weakness – He’s not going to have anything in common with several of the people in the game this season. Being older, especially by as much as he is, will be a huge setback for him. Also, he’s not winning any physical competition and he better study a lot so that he can do well at the questions.

Early prediction – Glenn’s a fun guy. We just don’t see anyone taking him that seriously, and there is a slight chance that he goes into Poppin’ Paul Jackson territory and tries so hard to win that he ends up getting evicted from the game by week two or three after repeatedly trying to blow up the house. No matter what, we don’t see him lasting a long time.

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