‘Ride with Norman Reedus’ episode 2 video: Norman visits Death Valley

Ride -On Sunday night’s new episode of “Ride with Norman Reedus,” we’re going to get a chance to see our title character do something that is more than likely tremendously exciting for him, but probably so terrifying for his employer that it makes them shake in their boots.

Why is that? Well, it involves having the prized “Walking Dead” star run around in the middle of Death Valley, learning how to do wheelies on a bike. It’s not exactly the safest activity, even with a helmet … but it does look pretty darn cool.

To us, the one part of this that seems to be incredibly underrated (and not discussed nearly as much as it should be) is how hot it can be there! It was probably tolerable while he was there (this show films during hiatus), but they could do even more when it comes to showing some of the difficulties that come with being in such a notorious place, one you don’t often seen on TV.

All in all, though, this sneak peek is at least effective in making you interested in watching the second episode, given that it probably will continue along some of the themes from the premiere: Beautiful scenery, a spirit of Americana, and a love of motorcycles from a guy who clearly has been around them for a rather long time and feels like they are a significant component of his life. We’ll be back with more coverage of the show very soon, so stay tuned and keep checking back.

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