Emmys 2016: Why Emmy Rossum, Emma Roberts, Gina Rodriguez, Rachel Bloom deserve Comedy Actress nods

Emmys -What does it take to make a great Comedy Actress? We really don’t think there is any one element other than that you have to be captivating. Maybe you are incredibly funny, maybe you make everyone around you incredibly funny, or maybe you just create such a warmness in the heart of the viewer that they want to stand up and cheer for you. All are acceptable, and we’re thrilled that this year, we can spotlight several different women who perfectly highlight the spectrum of characters that are out there.

Take a look at our personal Emmy picks for this category below. Note that the official Emmy nominees will not be announced until July 14; you can vote for which one of our picks is your favorite below, and we’ll announce the reader choices on July 13 as a way to build up more hype for the nominations themselves.

Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series – CarterMatt Picks

Rachel Bloom, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW) – When this show first premiered, we’re not sure anyone knew quite what to make of it since it was a comedy / musical hybrid starring someone singing about West Covina and a guy they briefly knew years ago. Then, you started to get into it and realized that there was some real magic being made here, anchored by a woman in Bloom who puts so much heart and relatability into every line as Rebecca Bunch. She’s not afraid to be goofy, play it earnest, or show all sides to her personality.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Veep (HBO) – In some ways, we think everyone wants to become so good that a response to getting an Emmy nod is “yeah, of course.” It’s hard to necessarily jump up and down about JLD getting her billionth (approximation) nod, but at the same time try to justify why she hasn’t earned it. She’s sensational, the show is sensational, and even with a showrunner switch it remains every bit as good as it once was. We love Selina Meyer, even if she’s an awful person.

Melissa McCarthy, “Mike & Molly (CBS) – It’d be rather nice for Melissa to have one final nomination here as Molly, given that she brought so much life and energy to this role and to the show as a whole. We feel like sitcoms are treated like second-class shows sometimes by the Emmys these days, and it’s a shame since it is a completely different style of performance and energy. McCarthy has pulled it off time and time again, and helped this underdog show stick around.

Emma Roberts, “Scream Queens (Fox) – Yes, “Scream Queens” was complete camp, but camp can be tremendous entertainment! We probably had more fun watching this show than about 99% of all TV over the course of the past year, and Roberts’ antics as Chanel were one of the biggest reasons why. You could just tell that she was having a tremendous time digging into some of her character’s delicious dialogue, and she may be TV’s #1 comedy villain at present. Wonderfully diabolical, and a guilty pleasure you don’t have to feel guilty about.

Gina Rodriguez, “Jane the Virgin (The CW) – It was a major bummer to not see Rodriguez get the recognition she deserved from the TV Academy last year, so here’s to hoping things will be able to turn around in 2016! Obviously she brings a lot of relatability to Jane, but she is also stellar as an anchor to the rest of the cast. She grounds the show, and allows for this over-the-top world around her to exist. Also, she allows us to join in on the fun, makes us root for her, and also has us feel for her when things go south. A tremendous performance all around.

Emmy Rossum, “Shameless (Showtime) – Finally, we brace ourselves for the people who are out there complaining that “Shameless” isn’t really a comedy. Our response? It’s funnier than many traditional comedies submitting this year, and Rossum continues to deliver one of the finest performances out there as Fiona, a young woman who just can’t ever seem to get it all together. Even when it seemed like this year she was starting to really settle in, some past secrets emerged and Frank was … well, Frank. Our heart broke for Fiona, and Roberts channeled those emotions beautifully.

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